The 4 C’s of diamonds – Color

September 27, 2009

Hello to all my dedicated readers 🙂

I wasn’t able to write in the last week since it was Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year). Now I’m back and I’m ready for some good diamonds info.

Diamonds come in every color you can imagine from white to black and every color in between – pink, green, yellow, red….

The most expensive diamonds are the red and the blue ones. I will discuss the fancy color diamonds in a future post.

One basic fact: only a small percentage of diamonds in nature are white and white I mean: D – L colors. Most diamonds are light yellow to yellowish, brownish and other colors with many inclusions in them. Most of the diamonds are used for commercial purposes and not for jewelry.

In this post I would like to focus on D – J colors. These colors are the most purchased and desirable colors in the market.

I will separate the D – J colors into three groups:

  1. D – F colors are basically white diamonds, they what we call colorless diamonds since you can’t find even a slight shade of any other color but white. In D color you can’t find even the slightest hint of color. In F color only a much trained eye (gemologist) can find a very slight shade of color.
    If I could do an experiment to prove my point and take ten pairs of D and F colors and let ordinary people to distinguish between them. I bet that most of them wouldn’t be able to – the difference between them is almost unseen.
  2. G – I colors are what we call professionally – near colorless.
    Like in the colorless group before the difference between G and I colors is almost unseen.
    More then that, if I could repeat the experiment before with F and H colors, I bet that the results would be the same. In my opinion you can start noticing the difference in between colors when looking at I color.
    When looking at I color diamond near a G color diamond or even higher (D-F) on a folded white paper, only then you start noticing a slight shade of yellowness and only when the diamond is turned on its back.
  3. J color is the last group. The J color belongs to the faint yellow group of color. I separated it from the other colors since only in J color you can really notice the difference between colors.
    One fact about J color: When looking on a round diamond, that is excellently cut and polished and is a J color, it will look one color higher.
    Well cut diamonds especially round ones look shiner and whiter then an ordinary cut diamond.

After separating them to groups i want to focus on the last two groups: G – I colors group and the J color group.

As I advised you before: You should decide on a budget and a 4 C’s priority order. I also mentioned in the last post that if you have no budget issues go for the best.

I believe that D – F colors are amazing, but if you have a limited budget, there is no need to go for them, since an H color diamond is not that different from F color diamond – at least in my opinion.

It is becoming a long post; I would prefer to separate it into two posts.

In the next post I will deal with the difference between the G – J colors and will give my recommendations for color choosing in regards to budget and 4 C’s priorities.

See you soon.


If you are rich, do not set a Budget

September 15, 2009

I advised you to set a budget and a 4 C’s diamond priorities before starting the buying process.

There is one thing I forgot to say; if you are a rich person and you have as much money as you want to spend, there are two things you need to know:

  1. You do not need this website, since it deals mostly with great tips on how to buy a diamond smartly while saving money.
  2. Buy the largest, cleanest, and whitest (or fancy color) with the most amazing cut diamond you can find.

The reason for that is that these diamonds besides being rare, are very expensive and do not lose value over time. You will actually buy a collection item.

For everyone else who want to get some great tips on how to buy a great diamond in a great price – Let’s start. I promise it will be interesting.

The 4 C’s

September 13, 2009

The 4 C’s are the basics of diamonds understanding and the combination of their stats determines the value of a diamond.

The main aim of this blog is to assist you finding the right diamond, in the right price within your budget.

Therefore; one of the most important advices I can give you is to decide which one of the 4 C’s is more important for you in a following order:

  • Carat – the weight of a diamond in carats
  • Color – D to Z or fancy (yellow, blue…)
  • Clarity – Flawless to I3
  • Cut – the Shape and the quality of the cut of the diamond.

The importance of creating an order is that it will assist you finding the right diamond.

It means; for example, that if the size is the most important aspect, you will know what color, clarity and cut you will be able to get for the price you would like to spend.

Basically a budget and a right order of importance of the 4 C’s will give you an idea of what type of a diamond you can purchase with your budget.

In the next few posts I will discuss the 4 C’s with more details.

In the last post that will deal with the 4 C’s, I will give you an example of how you set a budget, a priority of the 4 C’s and then find the right diamond within your budget – A Smart Chosen Diamond.

So once again before I end the post:

  1. Set a budget.
  2. Set a 4 C’s priority order.

Read more about the 4 C’s of diamonds.

You should have a Budget

September 6, 2009

I know the title might make you annoyed, but to be honest – it’s the best advice i can give you.


In the whole time i was working on the roads and talking to jewelers, I found out that the thing that frustrated them (the nicer ones) the most, is their problem figuring out how much will a customer will be willing or will be able to pay for a diamonds (mostly engagement ring).

The more experienced ones were able to understand just by experience where they need to aim the price.

The ones that knew how to sell right and didn’t really care about their customer, figured out a way how to push the budget over the abilities of their clients.

In many cases they just lost the sale.

I think you have to set a budget. It will help you find the best deal for you.

What do i mean by the Best Deal?

Best deal is using the whole knowledge that you have (and in a few weeks you will have a lot here) and finding the best diamond ring (or any other diamond jewelry) that your budget can get.

So what i am asking you to find is just how much money would you like to spend.

I know that some of you must be thinking inside your head “i don’t want to put a budget on something so romantic” –

I understand you, but still, you have to have some idea on how much is it going to be.

I really want to assist you and this is my first advice.